My Hurricane Experience


Hurricanes, Tornados…words I only knew from the news. Happening somewhere far away from Germany… Not anymore, Hurricane Season (May – November) is part of my life now.  Which means I need to be ready for at least one Hurricane per year. Approximately one week before a possible landfall the path of the Hurricane gets predicted by different spaghetti-models.

At some point the media freaks out, the people freak out and the first time I freaked out! Checking the “cone of uncertainty” multiple times a day, I thought “OMG! we are all going to die!” I could not imagine what it means to get “hit” by a storm like this. All I have seen in the German news were flooded roofless (is this a word?) houses and interviews of families who have lost it all! 2017 a category 5 hurricane with the size of France decided to visit us…  Irma..


Irma Size.png

The track was changing daily and by the time it reached us it slowed down to a Category 3. Also, we did not get a direct hit. But you don’t know until one or two days before. Which means everybody needs to prepare themselves and their family for the worst case. Hurricane checklists help to think about the most important things. Stores will be closed, trees could block the roads. It is recommended to have enough food and water for at least 5 -7 days. A few days before Irma the bread and the water isles of the grocery stores were empty. People posted on Facebook which stores still had some. Schools, Companies shut down. State of Emergency…  This whole situation made me very nervous. I just did not know what to expect. The morning of the storms we heard a couple of loud noises, sounded like an explosion and there goes the power. Since we did not get to experience the center of the storm (the eye) the Irma itself was not that bad. But when a hurricane moves over land, the chances to spin-off  Tornadoes are high and this is what happened. We got a warning notification (a lout sirene noise) coming from our phones “TORANDO WARNING, SEEK SHELTER NOW”


The scariest part was, you can hear them when they are close. But their path is not predictable. Josh explained them to me with the words: “If you hear something that sounds like a train, go and hide in the bathtub with the pillow over your head” Well, this “spinned-up” my emotions…  Lots of areas in Charleston got damaged really bad, we had luck. No damage to our house or cars.  They were just “dancing: around our house. The picture from ABS news was taken in Mount Pleasant.

Second Hurricane, 2018 Florance. Landfall North Carolina. Caused a lot of damage and flooding there. We experienced just a little rain, didn’t lose power.

As I am writing this, Dorian is blowing over us. But the worst part is over. We still have no power. Hope it won’t create to much damage in North Carolina! Stay save everyone!

The worst about Hurricane Season is the time of uncertainty. Not knowing where it may go, or which category it could have.


Even it is a nerve-wracking situation, I am dealing with it better than in the first year. Is anybody else new to this game? Please let me know in the comments how your first Hurricane experience went. 🙂

Fun Fact: The birth-rate increases after a Hurricane by 5-10%. –> So-called Hurricane Babies 😉

Take care and stay safe!


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