How did I end up in the USA? – My Story

2015 I studied at the College of Charleston for my semester abroad. You need to you know that I am a very organized person who loves to have a plan. Well, I wanted to get surprised and did not research a lot about Charleston. Until the day of the flight to the United States of America, I did not realize at all what I was doing. (!)

I remember as it was yesterday when I walked to the college for my first class. Leadership Class.

The professor divided us into groups by counting (all the 1 were a group, 2s 3 and so on) I ended up in group number 1. together with a boy named Josh…

Back to Germany and the decision to move to America

After the semester at the CofC, I had to go back to Germany to take the missed exams and write my bachelor thesis (about Cultural Diversity ;)). Our long distance relationship started. The time difference and not seeing each other was really hard. In December 2015 I said yes “Ja”. I knew from the start that I will come back to Charleston and move long-term to America. Don’t ask me why I just had strong feeling that this is the right thing to do. I moved to Frankfurt so I was closer to the airport. To save money I lived in a small basement apartment without a kitchen. The apartment was very dark without daylight. Despite the circumstances, I stayed focused on my goal. On the wall next to the bed I hang some nice pictures of Charleston. Every day when I woke up or went to bed I got reminded why I am doing this. Why I wash my dishes in the bathroom sink, save as much money as possible and put the effort into our long-distance relationship.  The K1 Fiancé visa application was a big challenge for us. (Find more about the visa process here). After medical exams, filling out tons of documents,  providing evidence of the relationship (pictures and whats app history) and an interview I received my K1 visa. The entire process took about 8 months.

It was a crazy feeling to sell almost everything I had.  All I still owned fit in a few cartons I shipped to the US with the German post service.

One suitcase and a bridal dress in my carry on  – that’s all I took with me on the flight.


The present

This is now one year and five months ago. (Here is my blog post about my first year in America.) I hope my story not only entertained you but inspired you. Believe in your journey, everything happens for a reason. You may not notice it at first but later when it makes sense and you will understand.

Did you experience a similar situation? Or are you in the middle of a K1 Visa process? Either way, you are always welcome to send me an email with your questions or comment below.

Thank you for reading the complete post, it turned out a little longer than I had planned. Please click on like, if you liked this post. It’s always nice to know if someone somewhere is reading my articles. 

Thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “How did I end up in the USA? – My Story

  1. Great story, and Charleston is such a wonderful town. Have you gotten used to the humidity of the American South? Also, stay safe during hurricane season…it looks lioke a big one is headed toward the coast this week…:-O


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