10 unusual things I have discovered while living in America!

Hello again. The snow is gone and we are waiting for summer. 😉 (I am very spoiled already.) Over the past few weeks, I have learned and discovered so much new, I have started taking notes on my phone. Let me share my list of “unusual things” in America with you… (unusual for me as a German…)

Cats with Guns

Cats with Guns

Discovered this picture book at a large bookstore. 96 pages with pictures of cats with guns.

Strawberry Butter

Strawberry Butter

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Peanut butter, almond butter why not strawberry butter? I have never thought about mixing fruits and butter. I discovered this during my visit to Kentucky lately. Maybe this is a local thing.

When I tried cheese flavored popcorn for the first time, it was weird and good at the same time. I am used to sweet popcorn and I miss it a lot. But caramel popcorn is way too sweet for my german taste buttons. Cheese popcorn is a good compromise.

Chicken Waffles

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Fried chicken on a waffle with butter and syrup! It sounds crazy but does not taste bad. Even though I liked the taste I won’t eat it again. It’s too much sugar and fat and makes me feel sick.

Guns for sale at Walmart


While you are shopping groceries, you have the opportunity to buy a gun as well. Next to household items, you will find all kinds of weapons at Walmart.

Cheese Spray

Cheese Spray


Cheese spray is made out of melted cheese mixed with chemicals to make it soft. (Sounds yummy! jk…) Based on my online research, its around since 1960. Apparently, you would eat it on Ritz crackers and wash it down with a soft drink. Are some real Americans reading my blog and can tell me if this is true? I am not trusting everything I find online. 😉

Fence Windows for dogs



Around Christmas time I have seen a TV commercial for fence windows. This seems only possible in America…”This window will make your dog happy! 1. Step measure the dog. Step 2 cut a round hole in the fence..” If you are interested in the instructions, here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bibclUWz7MU.

To make this clear: I am not judging you or your dog if you have a window in your fence. I just found this very funny. I would love to know what would happen if someone in Germany decides, to surprise their dog (and neighbors 😉 ) with this fence window.

Dog bakeries



A window for your dog is nice but what about a nice fresh cookie from woofgangbakery ? I have seen more dog bakeries than real bakeries… This is definitely a dog loving culture. I think American dogs are happier than German dogs. If you find statistics about this theory please let me know.

Cookbook for Cake Mix


I realize that baking from scratch is not as common as in Germany. Groceries stores have a whole aisle for cake mixes. Even though a cake mix has instructions on the box, you can get cooking books for baking with a cake mix!

Hot chocolate with bacon



Why…..? I like hot chocolate and I like bacon but I would not mix the two. Has someone of you tried this before? I didn’t. Maybe I will try it just for fun soon.


Note to all my Americans friends: For me, everything new here is “American”.  Please excuse that I am not aware of the differences between the South and the North yet. You are welcome to leave a comment below and help me learning. 🙂

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Have a nice weekend! Schoenes Wochenende euch allen!


12 thoughts on “10 unusual things I have discovered while living in America!

  1. It’s so gross, but I have definitely seen and tried easy cheese, which I’m pretty sure used to go by “cheese whiz.” It seems to have fallen from popularity in the last 2 decades, but from my memory the ’90s were a good time for it — my quick google search found cheese whiz introduced in 1952 by Kraft! Blech! But I agree, cheesy popcorn = yummmmm ^_^

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  2. I live in England, but have family in San Francisco. When we have visited, I have always shaken my head at the bizarre food mixtures the supermarkets seem to sell. It’s almost like some idiot is mixing things together just for novelty value, and PEOPLE BUY IT!?

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  3. This is fantastically funny. When did you arrive in America? How are you doing? Cheese in a can is just disgusting, but I also don’t like marshmallow in a jar. Thankfully, in Canada, we don’t sell guns at Walmart, but we also tend to go overboard for our dogs.

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  4. Hi Christin! I saw you liking my photos and following me on Instagram, so I wanted to come say hi! Did you know that we live in the same state? What a coincidence haha! Btw fence windows are hilarious LOL

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  5. First of all: I love your blog! And oh my god, you really found a couple of super weird things here in the US! Hot chocolate with bacon and chicken waffles? Really?! I’m glad that I have never heard of that before…probably an East Coast thing. 😛

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  6. I love reading your blogs! Looking at America through your eyes is so interesting. I have a son who went to Berlin as an exchange student. He fell in love with Berlin and has lived there for 10 years.Some of the things that you miss about Germany, he has found unique as an American. For example, bringing your own birthday cake to an office party. We recently visited him for the first time. I know, what took us so long??? Well,we are now in love with Berlin! My husband really misses the Apfelschorle! I found it interesting that the cashiers at the grocery store get to sit down. That makes such good sense, but I doubt it will ever happen here. As for the American spray cheese, it was a big hit at one time. Now that we are more health conscious, I don’t see people buying it so much. You’re right, the list of ingredients in it are really scary! Be sure to try kettle popcorn. I think you may like it since it has a sweet taste. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and by the way, your English is very good!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your nice comment!! I never thought about that the cashiers sit in Germany and stand in America. It will never get boring discovering all the differences that’s for sure. 🙂 thank you so much! This helps me to keep going and write my next post soon ❤️


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