Snowdays in Charleston, SC

Datei 06.01.18, 10 29 38

When I moved from Germany to Charleston, SC I did not expect to see this place covered in inches of snow. The sunny, subtropical city is famous for beach vacations not for ski adventures. But last Wednesday, January 3nd, 2018 Charleston turned into a winter wonderland. This is very rare and is comparable to a winter storm years ago in 1989. We had 6 inches (15,24 cm) of snow which is the third-highest on record. Schools, supermarkets, and offices were closed.  No one here is prepared for snow. No salt, no shovels, no snow plows. Some people do not even have winter clothes. The news showed how to dress for the cold weather:

The trees can almost not hold the weight of the snow, which affects the power lines. We were lucky that we did not have a power outage. (Our heating and air conditioning system runs on electricity.) After the first cold night, the water heater froze. Luckily we were able to unfreeze it with my hairdryer.

The first two days everyone had fun in the snow. Kids in the neighborhood build snowmen and some others used beach toys, yoga mats or frying pans to slide down roads and hills. Some kids (and dogs) experienced snow for the first time in their life.

On Thursday,  the city of Charleston declared a state of emergency and a travel ban for North Charleston. After three days being stuck in the house, it got a little boring. I learned a new word: Cabin fever. (German: Lagerkoller, someone has cabin fever: jemanden faellt die Decke auf den Kopf). Today is Saturday and roads clear of. It was nice to see snow (even my friends in Germany got a little jealous 😉 ). For me, four days of winter are enough and I am ready for warmer temperatures. Thankfully starting on Monday it is supposed to warm up to 60°F (Ca. 15 ℃).

Have a nice weekend everyone! Schoenes Wochenende!


Evidence photos:

IMG_2738IMG_2752IMG_2760IMG_2763IMG_2733Datei 06.01.18, 11 12 38



6 thoughts on “Snowdays in Charleston, SC

  1. LOVE the icycles 🙂 I guess – coming from Europe – I take snow for granted. We only see it every few years here, but still – it’s not rare. I can only imagine how exciting it is for children that have never seen it.

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